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Rebekah Benson, Junior Consultant 

Destini Jordan, Co-Founder & Junior Consultant 

About I Am Beautiful Movement


Hello, my name is LaToyia Session Jordan, founder of I Am Beautiful Movement™ Non-Profit Organization, Henderson, TX. This organization was established in July 2013 along with my daughter, Destini Jordan, co-founder. In 2016 we came under the auspices of Empowerment Community Development Corporation 501c3. We encourage and promote Mother/Daughter relationships through bonding activities, helping 6th-12th grade girls, college ladies & Mothers to deal with self-esteem, self-image and confidence issues that they’re faced with on a daily basis. An annual workshop is hosted yearly to show the girls and young women how to dress, wear makeup according to their age, financial literacy, budgeting information and Equipping girls to create visions and plans to reach their educational and entrepreneurship dreams.  Also, self-evaluation activities and DIY projects are done with the girls.  Women motivational speakers and entrepreneurs are in attendance to encourage our young girls that they can succeed at anything they set their mind too. The organization puts on several free events throughout the year such as Pads and Panties Mission Drive and Prom Dress Closet. Every young girl should have the opportunity to feel BEAUTIFUL!

“True Beauty begins when you decide to be who the Creator, created you to be.”  Toyia Jordan, Visionary 

“Create, Envision, Educate & Impact"

Lady Toyia Session-Jordan, Visionary & Founder