toyia  J.

LaToyia S. Jordan, is the visionary & founder of I Am Beautiful Movement and CEO/Founder of BAM Woman Magazine & Media, Toyia Thrives Enterprises and BAM Guy Magazine. She's a fierce proponent of girls empowerment and has dedicated herself to not only pouring into girls, but to also educate them about the issues they face such as; self confidence, self-esteem, health and beauty. She comes up with innovative ways to bring all walks of life together through her various events. Such as showing young girls and ladies the importance of dressing appropriately for an interview, creating bio/marketing sheets, vision boards, journaling thoughts, and the importance of  having professional images available. Toyia is personally involved in all the events sponsored and hosted by her organizations to ensure that every girl receives a memorable experience!  In 2016 Toyia began a career in internet media and this led to her being nominated for Prayze Factor 2017 TV Host of the Year.  She also graced the cover of DRAMA QUEEN for the KING Magazine, with a featured story. Tyler Morning Telegraph featured IABM in the Lifestyle Faith section. Toyia stepped out in faith and invited Miss America 2019 Nia Franklin to be the guest speaker at the 7th Annual I Am Beautiful Movement Conference. Toyia and her team have reached over 2,000 mothers and daughters, plus they have given away over 1,500 prom dresses to high school girls. Toyia has appeared on local news channels CBS-19 KLTV-7, and KETK East Texas Live discussing her various programs and events. She is a recipient of the 2020 Rock Your Crown Community Change Award. Toyia also received the 2020 Notable African American Women of East Texas Award. She is also a board member of Empowerment Community Development Corporation and a past board member of United Way Smith County. She is also a Leadership Tyler Alum Class 34. Toyia is also a member of Cultural Arts Social Club in Henderson, TX. Toyia is a member of various community organizations and volunteers in the East Texas area. Toyia created #GirlKeepThriving to encourage women and girls to not give up and to keep pursuing their dreams. Toyia was a finalist for the Black Women in Media 2021 Trailblazer Award. Toyia is also a 2022 Women in Tyler honoree. During the weekdays she is the Recruitment Coordinator for a home healthcare agency based in Florida. Toyia's latest projects include Texas Senior Year Magazine 2020, BAM Woman Magazine and BAM Guy Magazine. Toyia has two children in college; Destini, 21  and Jaden, 19. 

She owes all her accomplishments to the Lord above because without Him none of this would be possible!

“True Beauty begins when you decide to be who the Creator, created you to be.”  Toyia Session-Jordan, Visionary



“Create, Envision, Educate & Impact  Girls to Dream Beyond Their Circumstances"

I Am Beautiful Movement history

I Am Beautiful Movement™ (IABM) Non-Profit Organization, Henderson, Texas was established in July 2013.  In 2016, IABM was established under the auspices of Empowerment Community Development Corporation 501c3.  The organization encourages and promotes Mother/Daughter relationships through bonding activities, helping 5th-12th (ages 11-18) grade girls deal with self-esteem, self-image and confidence issues they face daily. The program has provided events for the girls, as well as creating programs/events for younger students in 2nd to 4th grade.  A workshop/conference is hosted yearly encompassing how to dress, age appropriate makeup, financial literacy, and budgeting information.  IABM also guides the girls on how to create vision boards and plans to reach their educational and entrepreneurship dreams.  Self-evaluation activities and DIY projects ensure the girls are comprehending information being shared.  Women motivational speakers and entrepreneurs' partner with IABM to encourage our young girls that they can succeed and reach any goals they set.  The organization has hosted and sponsored several events, such as Tea Parties, Pads & Panties Mission Drive, GlamProm Dress Closet(provided free Prom Dresses to Seniors) and Girls Self Defense Class. Donations are welcomed at any time and via various avenues, i.e PayPal, Cash App & Venmo.  Every young girl should have the opportunity to feel BEAUTIFUL.